Master at Arms


‘Master At Arms’ offers a wide range of services. Alongside choreographing and co-ordinating, we teach and lead varying stage combat courses and workshops across the UK.

Fight Choreography & Co-ordination

Creating unique and tailored content for stage and screen across the globe, the collective at ‘Master At Arms’ are industry specialists in fight choreography and action coordination.

Our practitioners work with leading theatres and production companies to deliver scenes and sequences of violence and action that keep actors and performers as safe as possible whilst serving the artistic vision to the highest standards.

In a constantly developing industry, all of our practitioners have successfully passed the ‘APA COVID-19 Shooting Guidelines Assessment Test’ – ensuring they stay in the know and up to speed with the industry demands and suggestions relating to the 2020 pandemic. More information can be found here.

If you have an enquiry and would like to get in touch, please ‘Contact Us’. Alternatively, you can find individual contact details on our ‘Practitioners’ page.


All ‘Master At Arms‘ training & certifications operate within the expectations of excellence we have set alongside our own codes of practice. However we allow the practitioner to tailor the delivery to their own style of teaching or to the client’s needs.

We recognise that all training has different circumstances, requirements, aims or outcomes.

Alongside fight choreography for theatre & film; we offer training and certification in stage and screen combat, delivering short courses and intensive workshops. Students are not required to pay to become members. Our qualifications have an award date but no ‘expiry date’ – instead trusting the actor’s honesty in their own abilities and their judgement on retraining and furthering their skills.


We provide comprehensive stage combat training throughout the year in a variety of acting schools and learning institutions. 

At present ‘Master At Arms‘ offers the following certifications:

•  Introduction to Unarmed Stage Combat
•  Unarmed Combat for Stage & Screen
•  Elizabethan Rapier
•  Longsword
•  Knife

All of our qualifications are recognised and approved by SpotlightUK, the UK’s largest Stage & Screen casting resource.

Specialist Workshops

Whilst we teach and certify our core systems on a regular basis, ‘Master At Arms‘ practitioners also run tailored workshops, lectures and tuition on various related subjects and techniques, such as:

•  Found Objects
•  Advanced Unarmed Combat Techniques
•  Firearms Handling
•  Action on Film
•  Body Awareness & Partner Connection
•  Rare Historical Weapon Systems
•  Historical Warfare

These have been for actors, film students, professional filmmakers and the general public.